iAM Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is simply the process of authenticating a person’s identity by unique differentiators in their voice and speaking pattern. This technology allows users to protect their identity, while granting organizations the ability to ensure the user accessing their platform is the true individual who created the account.

Voice Biometrics:

  • Will not expose users to third parties
  • Sample collection is captured digitally (no analog voice is transmitted over the Internet)
  • Allows for secure retention of voice biometric data for on-demand recall
  • Can provide encrypted, real-time, telephonic and Web-based access to user biometric data
  • Platform administrators can perform assessments of applicant's voice

At a Glance:

  • User provides voice sample prior to being granted access
  • User is queried to provide random biometric voice samples
  • Failure of biometric samples leads to user block or ineligibility

What Users Get:

Easy-to-use identity validation that ensures security and intuitive user authentication.

What You Get:

Customizable implementation, as well as access to a personalized dashboard to keep track of samples, participant progression data and help features.

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